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Important advice for removable braces


  • Some tenderness in the first few days is normal
  • Getting used to having the appliance in your mouth may take a few weeks
  • If an ulcer develops on the inside of the lips/cheeks – please contact the Practice – the brace may need adjustment


  • It is very important to clean your teeth well, three times a day before wearing the brace, to avoid decay, Use of disclosing tablets and mouthwash is recommended
  • You should thoroughly brush the brace with your toothbrush, without using toothpaste, each time you clean your teeth
  • To disinfect and soften build-up on the brace it can be soaked in a solution like Retainerbrite as recommended


  • Remove the brace to eat, clean the teeth and play sports of any kind or playing a wind musical instrument. Apart from these obvious activities, the brace must be worn 24 hours a day otherwise treatment will not be successful.
  • Sleep with it in place, but clean well before bed
  • Lost or broken appliances may have financial implications and will extend your treatment time and are to be avoided. All breakages should be reported immediately to the surgery
  • Keep the brace in a container when it is not in your mouth to minimise loss or breakage
  • Adjust the brace as recommended by the orthodontist to ensure progress is made. If you are unsure about small breakages, bad fitting braces or any other problem experienced, please contact the Practice.

If you follow the above guidelines and the instructions you received you will have something to smile about!