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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to provide answers to the most popular questions, whether these are pre or post treatment we are always happy to help. If you cannot find the answer to the question you are looking for, simply contact us at the practice.

Why do I need braces?
Why have I been referred by my dentist?
Does my dentist have to refer me?
Can't my dentist do the work?
Do I need to stay registered with my dentist?
What age should I have braces?
What sort of braces are there?
Can I choose what sort of braces I have?
Can I have colours on my brace?
Can I have less noticeable braces?
I have been refused treatment on the NHS. Can I still have braces?
I don't want braces. Do I have to have them?
How long does treatment take?
How often will I need to see the orthodontist?
Can I still play contact sports?
I sing or play a wind instrument, how will this affect me?
Are there any risks of treatment?
What is a retainer?
How long do I need to wear retainers for?
What do I do if I have a loose bracket or Band?
What do I do if I lose a separator?
Discomfort With Orthodontic Treatment
Loose Wires or Bands

Emergency Care

As a general rule, an emergency appointment may be made when there is severe pain, a loose band, a broken wire or something sticking out that you can’t take care of. It’s important to know the names of the parts of your appliances. It will help, when you phone the office, to be able to identify what part is broken or out of place. Ring the surgery for out of hours emergency procedures.