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Why Choose us?

Specialist Orthodontic Practice

A vast depth of experience operates within the practice. In total, our 2 specialists Ian Grobler and Rachel Hodgson have a combined minimum of 22 years plus of specialist orthodontic experience here at the practice. This is augmented by the further 10 years offered by our practitioner, Giulio Pelletti.  These individuals have remained constant at Epsom & Guildford Orthodontics since joining the practice and enjoy working together as a team .

The specialist orthodontist environment is ensured in all teams and at both sites.

Our reputation is invaluable to us. It means a great deal to us when our referring dentists’ use our practice for their own children. This says a great deal about the practice.

Patient’s words of gratitude also stand testimony to their experience at the practice;

“the service & the staff were brilliant”

“this practice is fantastic”

“thank you for the care & support you have given me in the last 3 years”

“I was always looked after”

“I heard from friends that the service was good here”

“lovely relaxing environment& everyone is so friendly”

“my daughter has always been happy coming here”

Amongst our support staff of Orthodontic Therapists and Nurses we have prize winning members of staff.

Patient understanding is important to us. Treatment Co-ordinators will spend time with patients outside of the clinical environment to ensure treatment options  are understood so that you can choose what works for you, facilitating informed decisions and enabling you to have your desired end result.

Ongoing reassurance is offered to our patients and we wear our badges with pride. We continue to maintain our voluntary membership to the BDA Good Practice scheme. Both practices make a commitment to this scheme through annual re assessment to demonstrate that our renewed vow to customer service and quality of care remains in place and continues to be important to the practice.

Beyond the voluntary BDA scheme the practice is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and complies with all statutory requirements including those for Cross Infection HTM 01 05 and Radiography. Both Epsom and Guildford orthodontic practices have been visited by CQC inspectors and we are pleased to say we were declared ‘compliant’ at this initial inspection, with no outstanding actions.