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Newly Qualifying Orthodontic Therapists

We are very proud to have two qualifying Orthodontic Therapists this year; Anna (Babsie) Grobler (above left) and Cherie Swanepoel (above right).

Culminating in her Orthodontic Therapist position, Cherie has been with our Epsom team since 2001. Her career has foundations in dental hygiene originating in South Africa, digressing to orthodontics whist here in the UK. On hold, only to make way for family, back on track now, Cherie has continued with her career path. Cherie continues to contribute to the practice in many ways; coaching new nurses, contributing to practice literature and baking!

Babsie is dedicated to our Guildford team due to the location of the family home.

Babsie is dedicated to the role of Orthodontic Therapist within the practice, ensuring the patient is comfortable throughout their time with us. She does this by making sure patients understand what their treatment is about and that they have the best possible experience whilst at the practice.

She does this by contributing to our practice training in every way she can.




Lauren Smoothy, our Orthodontic Therapist who qualified in 2011, was awarded the prize for the most outstanding Orthodontic Therapist student in her year. Babsie Grobler was awarded this same prize for 2012.

We are very proud, that for two successive years, these graduates came from our practice.