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NHS Referral Information

Dental referrals

Dental Electronic Referral System (DERS)

During 2016 NHS England commissioned a comprehensive dental electronic referral system (DERS) –  VANTAGE REGO SYSTEM.

From 1st December 2016 all referrals are to be made via DERS. This is with the exception of Special Care and Paediatric referrals that will be sent through Community Dental Service and Secondary Care Paediatric direct until these  pathways have been agreed.

We are unable to accept referrals unless they are referred through DERS. This is a national NHS ruling which affects all orthodontic practices.

The contract for DERS was awarded to Vantage/Rego. Their details can be found at http://referral.management and their telephone number is 0207 993 5870. Practices are required to arrange a slot with Vantage for them to install the software and who will provide training. This is funded by NHS England. The only requirement of practices is to have a minimum of one internet connected computer.