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Free Consultations

We are now offering free orthodontic consultations.

Your risk free solution to finding out about your suitability and options.

There are always a range of orthodontic options to suit your preferences and budget, this is an excellent way to find out more.

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For Dentists

If you are a dentist or other dental professional we welcome your referrals to our orthodontists. Your valued patients will always be looked after in a kind and caring manner.

Please click 'Read more' to find out how to send either NHS or Private referrals.

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Our New Patient Promise

Our orthodontic clinic in Epsom, Surrey is committed to the delivery of quality service through motivated and informed staff, resulting in an orthodontic treatment plan that is tailored to your needs culminating in an ending that will make you smile.
Your local orthodontist, here to help.

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Free consultation

Request a free, no obligation consultation. The perfect opportunity to discuss your concerns and find out how we can help with straighter teeth.


Invisalign is a system which uses advanced computer technology to plan treatment and design aligners. These aligners are changed every two weeks and need to be carefully monitored by the orthodontists. It is important to know that not all malocclusions can be corrected with Invisalign.

Damon braces are fixed orthodontic braces that are part of the revolutionary Damon System. With traditional braces the wire is tied in with elastics which causes friction and pressure. Damon braces uses a slide mechanism to hold the wire, which allows teeth to move more easily.

A 20 page report full of the most useful information, ideal if you’re thinking about having braces. 

  • ☑ The costs and lowest price alternatives
  • ☑ Your options and choices for treatment
  • ☑ Are you suitable for treatment?
  • ☑ How does each system compare?
  • ☑ How long does treatment take?
  • ☑ Plus lots more…


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  • All staff were so friendly and helpful and I now love my smile!

    Invisalign patient

  • I am very pleased with the result and the treatment I received was at all times very professional and considerate. I always received an immediate appointment for repair work or if I had any concerns!

    Fixed braces patient

  • My smile is perfect…all the staff were friendly and kept me well informed throughout my treatment

    Fixed Braces Patient

  • I am very pleased and everyone has been very kind and helpful, I would recommend orthodontic treatment without hesitation

    Damon Patient

  • I feel very proud…it can really help with your confidence

    Damon Patient

  • I always had future pictures like this in my mind when I started with the Invisalign

    Invisalign Patient


Is Your Frenulum Holding You Back?

YOU’VE HEARD OF being tongue-tied, but what about lip-tied? Both are actually legitimate medical conditions, and the culprits are pieces of tissue in our mouths called frenula.
Tongue Ties

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Why Straight Teeth?

TO SOME, IT MIGHT seem like the benefits of having straight teeth are purely cosmetic. And those benefits certainly do exist. Studies have shown that people tend to perceive someone with

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Making Malocclusions Bite The Dust



A MALOCCLUSION OCCURS when the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, which can lead to a variety of problems. These bad bites can impact our speech,

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