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Our team at Epsom Orthodontics have helped lots of patients achieve a smile they’re proud of, using a range of advanced, comfortable orthodontic treatments. The testimonials below are just some of the positive feedback we’ve had from our patients.

Surgical Damon Orthodontic Treatment

A combined orthodontic and surgical treatment was used to align the teeth and move the lower jaw forward.

I am very pleased and everyone has been very kind and helpful, I would recommend orthodontic treatment without hesitation.

Severe Crowding Damon Orthodontic Treatment

This patient complained of his teeth “sticking out”. He had severe crowding with his front teeth overlapping and it was corrected with upper and lower Damon fixed braces. The correction is maintained with bonded and removable retainers.

I feel very proud…it can really help with your confidence.

Functional & Damon

This patient presented with a deep bite and mild crowding. The lower jaw was set back and brought forward with a Functional appliance, which was followed by upper and lower fixed Damon braces. The correction is maintained with bonded and removable retainers.

Incorrect Deep Bite

This patient had a traumatic overbite with damage to the lower labial soft tissue. She was treated with Upper and Lower Fixed braces and the correction are maintained by removable and bonded retainers.

I feel fantastic about my smile. Very pleased with the physical appearance and also the great improvement in my confidence.

Lingual Braces

This patient had moderate crowding in the upper and mild crowding in the lower. As aesthetics was very important for this patient, She did not want a brace to show. Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth so no one will know that you are wearing them.

Impacted Canines

This patient presented with 3 impacted canines (not erupted naturally). The canines were exposed and pulled into the arch with fixed upper and lower Damon braces. The correction is maintained with upper and lower removable retainers.


This patient was unhappy with the positioning of her teeth. This is a case which qualified for Invisalign.

I always had future pictures like this in my mind when I started with the Invisalign.

Fixed Braces

This case was treated with traditional Gemini braces to straighten teeth and to correct the occlusion.

My smile is perfect…all the staff were friendly and kept me well informed throughout my treatment.

Implants Missing Teeth

Missing teeth (hypodontia) with implants. The treatment required upper and lower fixed braces to move the teeth and spaces into the correct position for implants when the patient reaches facial maturity. Retainers are being worn in the interim with “teeth” in the spaces to help with appearance.

Deepbite Damon

Incorrect bite position- deep bite. She was treated with fixed appliances in both arches. Final tooth positions are being maintained with bonded and removable retainers.

I wouldn’t have believed that what has been achieved was possible. The service has been 1st rate- so much so, that I have quite looked forward to my appointments.

Space Closure

Patient presented complaining of ‘gap’, missing upper left 2. For a combined approach, referral was initially made to implantologist.

Orthodontically space was opened further to facilitate the successful implant. Referrals are readily made to specialist colleagues with full liaison of your own GDP.

Gingival Margin Reduced

A combined orthodontic/GDP approach resulting in a beautiful smile. Fixed braces to align teeth. Oral health benefits and improvements seen to the patient gum line. On the completion of the orthodontics a referral back to your chosen GDP for the new porcelain crown to be constructed.

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