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Private Patients

Private Patients

At Epsom Orthodontics, we treat children, teens and adults for orthodontic problems. Some of our patients present to us with major orthodontic problems affecting both their teeth and jaws – these are known as malocclusions or bad bites.

Many of our other patients simply need their teeth straightened. In some cases, only the front six teeth may require treatment; in other cases, to achieve a beautifully aligned smile, more significant tooth movement may be required.

No matter what extent of orthodontic treatment you require, you can receive it here at Epsom Orthodontics as a private patient. We offer competitive treatment fees and have payment plans in place to help with the cost of treatment.

Private treatment costs

Private orthodontic treatment can be undertaken for adults and children. The principal advantage is that there is a greater choice of appliance types, including clear braces.

Private treatment options include:

Clear Fixed Braces
Invisalign Braces
  • If discreet orthodontics is required, clear aligners like Invisalign may be a preferred option. These aligners are very popular and can be removed simply for eating and cleaning. There is also Invisalign Teen for teenage patients.
  • An alternative option are Clear Fixed Braces, fixed braces that have tooth coloured brackets, that treat mild to severe crowding while delivering enhanced facial aesthetics.
  • Lingual Braces are individually glued to the inside surface of teeth. The teeth are moved with gentle forces created by wires, elastics, and springs. These braces are invisible. Lingual brackets are custom made for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Orthognathic Jaw Aligning Surgery

Also available privately, orthognathic surgery is a form of surgery used to align malpositioned jaw bones. It can be used to reposition the upper and lower jaw bones for a number of reasons and is commonly undertaken in combination with orthodontic treatment.

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Keep your smile straight
Don’t forget, you will need to wear a retainer following any kind of treatment with braces to keep those straight teeth in line.

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