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The Benefits Of Fixed Retainers

Epsom Orthodontics
18, Apr 2018

TOO MANY PEOPLE know what it’s like to accidentally throw a retainer away after lunch. Retainers can be expensive, so losing one is never fun. Fortunately, removable retainers aren’t the only opt ... Read More

Making Malocclusions Bite The Dust

Epsom Orthodontics
18, Jan 2018

A MALOCCLUSION OCCURS when the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, which can lead to a variety of problems. These bad bites can impact our speech, our digestion (by making it difficu ... Read More

Why Do We Get Crooked Teeth?

Epsom Orthodontics
20, Dec 2017

IF BABY TEETH almost always grow in straight, then why are adult teeth so often crooked? What is it, if not just bad luck? There are competing theories, but adult teeth can come in crooked for a varie ... Read More

Know Your Orthodontic Appliance

Epsom Orthodontics
31, Oct 2017

SOMETIMES, HAVING BRACES can make things feel a bit crowded in your mouth, but every piece of orthodontic hardware serves an important purpose in getting you the straight, healthy smile you deserve! ... Read More

Before & After

Epsom Orthodontics
28, Sep 2017

Dr Pelletti's patient wore upper and lower fixed braces for just over 1 year. She says that she loves her smile now and said that Dr Pelletti did a great job as he's very thorough and friendly! ... Read More